22 Apr

Papermusic – Downtime

papermusicSo, first post back after a hectic couple of weeks for both myslef and Fourbearsjr so i'm going to keep it short, jump straight back in with both feet and post up one of my favourite house tunes ever. EVER!!!

Papermusic – Downtime

Paper Music consisted of Elliot Eastwick, Miles Holloway and Simon Bradshaw, they were originally commissioned to do a remix of Raven Mazes Forever, but the track on delivery was deemed unsuitable and in the end the lads released it themselves as Wastepaper – Origami. The track was the first time i'd really heard that one bar loop style of house, just continually growing and developing.

Downtime continued that production style and for me is a far stronger track. Starting out slowly with a lovely disco swing drum track the track walks the same path as Origami by just introducing a new element on the even bars just building the trance like groove until it pays off in one almighty breakdown.

I’ll leave it there for you to listen to as it’s fantastic stuff, and something which has never been far from my record box as long as I’ve been dj’ing.

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