24 Jan

Panoram – Mute City Blues






To be honest I could find very little about Panoram. I picked up their mini album ‘Accents’ from Bleep.com the other day and other than it being the first release from the Scenario label and the fact that it is starting to appear on a lot of blogs (erm, yes here too) I don’t have much else. But, to me, that is ok. While I like music as much as the next man, as I get older and perhaps fuelled by the digital nature of music these days, I spend less time reading reviews and coverage of bands. Lets me hear the music for what it is, I think.

Anyway, this mini LP is the kind of thing that Bleep excel at promoting, off kilter electronic music that bridges a number of styles. This is no different, moving nicely from the more straight ahead hip hop structure of ‘Mute City Blues’ to the jazz of ‘Prizm’, to the soulfulness of ‘Hell Reflections’. In places the sounds have an 80s tinge, but they never dominate and in the end the package is bang up to date – a really lovely collection of tracks.

And for me the pick of the bunch is ‘Mute City Blues’. I love the simplicity of it, the sounds, the hip hop nature at its core and the way it builds to re-entry after the break. 3 minutes and 55 seconds of tremendousness.


Playlist Tuesday 24th January 2012

It was cold and wet today, which is never a good combination. But the journey in was ok and I had loaded up some new music to listen too. With new stuff, particularly albums, I like to try and listen to it all the way through, even if I am not loving all of the tracks. This is what I did today with the Panoram mini-LP and the last tUnE-yArDs album. I am going to see the latter band in a few weeks and had been meaning to pick up WHOKILL for some time. Worth the wait – if you have never heard them then make sure you do. Hard to describe them, in some ways – they are indie but with world/tribal/hip hop elements and a real ingenuity around song structure that puts them far apart from other stuff…brilliant….not a duff track across the two albums

Playlist: Panoram – Accents (mini album), tUnE-yArDs – WHOKILL (Album)

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