26 Feb

Palms Trax – Equation

Been digging through some older stuff this week, and ended up revisiting the brilliant Equation EP by Berlins Palms Trax on Lobster Theremin.


I'm not going to spend hours on this post because it's a straight dance floor demolisher, best listened to rather than written about.


The formula is what you'd expect, a thumping Chicago style beat – 808 kick, clap etc… but the real detail is in the hats, shuffling and energetic they add a layer of melody that elevates the standard 4/4 kick snare clap into tech-funk territory. But really the thing about this track is that bloody bassline. It's fast, bubbling and energetic, but importantly it's the backbone for the whole track, counter melodies and the pads compliment it and the ebb and flow of the track is all about slamming that bass line back in in a way that makes you want to move.


It's a couple of years old, think it was out back in 2013, but it's still an absolute belter.



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