29 Mar

Out Hud – It’s For You






Its funny, I left the house this morning thinking I would be listening to one thing in the car on the way to work; Then I realised I had forgotten the cd. So a random selection from the increasing stash in my car, a playlist dating back to 2005, threw up this beauty.

Out Hud appear to have been a short lived band in terms of releases. They released two albums: the instrumental S.T.R.E.E.T.Dad in 2002 and the tremendous Never Let Us Speak of It Again in 2005, both on the quality Kranky Label. Originally formed in 1996, they split after the second album and one of the members, bassist Tyler Pope, was in LCD Sound System. It will therefore come as no surprise that a good yard stick with which to compare Out Hud, is LCD Soundsystem. In fact, they kind of cover many of the genres and styles that have appeared on DFA, but under one roof.

S.T.R.E.E.T.Dad was a good album, but for me, it really came together on Never Let Us Speak Of It Again, which contains the track I have posted up. The latter is a more accessible and complete album – it covers Punk Dance Indie Electronica but moves between more traditional songs such as the storming hip hop pop of ‘How Long’ (it may have appeared in a Lindsay Lohan film but it should have been much bigger), the punk funk of ‘One Life To Leave, the messed up instrumental house of ‘Dear Mr Bush: There are over 100 words for shit and only 1 for music’ (what a name) and the glitch electronica pop of ‘The Stoked American’. But the track that came up today and which is one of my favourites is ‘It’s for you’. It’s a track in that messed up pop mould, but past that it is very difficult to explain. I love the bass and drum led atmosphere of the verse and then the switch up chorus that brings in a guitar that kind of acts like an uplifting house piano riff. Ah, there is so much in it I could be explaining it for days, best just take a listen and if you can, grab a copy of the album. It is great, certainly ahead of the game, and it’s an album that will take an awfully long time to date (if ever). They certainly went out on a high.

*Picture from Lastfm


Playlist: Thursday 29th March 2012

As mentioned above, I had been planning to listen to a new cd I had compiled, but promptly forgot it. So off to my cd stash I went and out popped this cd from 2005. Certain cds and playlists you can guess what the next tracks are, but this one is from so far back, each track was a surprise. I had great time driving along in the sun (the weather is amazing at the moment – am I really in the north of England?) thinking, blimey, haven’t heard that for a while. Style wise it is all over the shop – going from the brilliant disco pop of Annie – ‘Greatest Hit’, past ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Elvis Costello and the outrageous pop of Jens Lekman’s ‘You Are The Light’ to the electronic pop of ‘The Desperate Things You Make Me Do’ by one of my favourite bands, The Magnetic Fields. Obviously I made a stop at Out Hud but last up was the phenomenal ‘Once Around The Block’ by Badly Drawn boy which almost became the focus of this post. A great start to the day.

Playlist: Annie – Greatest Hit, Beck – E-Pro, The Delays – Ride It On, Elvis Costello – Oliver’s Army, Elvis Costello – Whats So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding, Jens Lekman – You Are The Light, Out Hud – Its For You, Magnetic Fields – The Desperate Things You Make Me Do, Badly Drawn Boy – Once Around The Block

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