03 Sep

Osborne – Fire

I am on holiday today so no commute, so I get a freebie and I've gone for a track that always brings a smile to my face.


Fire by Osborne


Now, I was convinced we had blogged an Osborne track before but a quick search aays no we havent. To be fair I thought I had blogged this track. It appears I havent, but if I have, who cares. It is awesome. Osborne has been putting out quality stuff for years on the tremendous ghostly international. Whatever style of dance/house he turns his hand to he does exceptionally well. His remix of Blk Jks Mystery was amazing.


Anyhow. This track is from the hovercraft EP that came out, ah I can'tremember, yonks ago. The whole EP is top draw, top to bottom. But i (and aapie) am a sucker for a bit of disco house and this is top draw. It's awesome, from the riff, to the chopped up strings, but what puts it apart are the beautiful electronics that come in towards the end. Raises it above a lot of stuff in this genre. Ah, its such a joyous track. If you don't know it, hope you like it.


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