26 Sep

Ornette – Crazy (Phonique Remix)

So I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, and focus on a lovely remix that I've been listening to a lot lately.

Ornette – Crazy (Phonique Remix)

Ornette is a jazz singer from Paris, who's made a bot of a stir with her gentle vocals she first released Crazy on the French Discograph label last year, only for it to get picked up and given the remix treatment by the stable of producers currently adorning the mighty Get Physical records Nôze, Lopazz & Casio Casino and the version that really does it for me the Phonique remix.

It's pretty straight ahead with a mesmerising analog synth line that just keeps going fromt he off, the bass is big and bubbly and they slice the vocal up nicely to take it from it's smokey jazz roots right out to the tropical disco house realms. The track all in all reminds me in some ways of Tracey Thorne, but that's probably not a fair comparison. 

The part for me is the second half though where they really take off stripping back the vocal to small inserts and letting the filters open up to increase the pace if not the tempo of the track. Great stuff.

Anyway, i said I'd keep it short so will let you decide, it came out back in May (I think) and you can grab it off Beatport, eMusic and a ton of other places.

Playlist Wednesday 26th September 2012

Well i had it all sorted out, i new exactly what i was going to listen to on the way to work and then about 20 minutes into the journey my MP# players battery died, it's on it's last legs and from nearly two weeks of not having to recharge it it's now pretty much everyday 🙁  But I'm sentimental and it has personal meaning to me, being  apresent from my wife during a particularly shite time for me, so i don't want to let it go until it's truly dead.

What it means though is that my listening was cut ever so short today, i started with the chosen track, then listened to Sister Sledge – Baby you Fooled around and love somebody and then that was pretty much it… rubbish i know, but all good tracks.

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