05 Mar

Ooft! – Disco Deviance Pulse Radio Show





Isn't it funny how things can change on a whim? I had a complete blog post written and ready to roll (it was going to be Soultourist's epic Low Highfield), then I got home and saw the Disco Deviance Crew had upped their newest Radio show, and that it just happened to feature one of my favourite DJ's in Ali Ooft!.

I really like Ooft!. Ali seems to have a real love for Disco, Soul, Boogie and Funk (which is something I'm very much into) and within about three tracks of the show starting I knew I had to blog it. Now, granted this isn't exactly from my morning playlist, but it will be for the next few days, and well, what's the point in having a website if you can't occasionally break your own rules?

It's a straight up journey through the crates, starting out with the mighty Taana Gardner – HeartBeat and it just doesn't let up from there, delicately mixed by Mr Ooft! the groove just goes all the way to the end, and introducing house and re-edit work outs to the tail end of the mix makes it really feels like it goes somewhere. You can listen below or you can also download the mix direct from Soundcloud, you should do both.

It's just another example of the great work the Disco Deviance guys are putting in, so do scan back through previous shows you may even hear one by me (it's there), and you should take the time to check Ali's Soundcloud, there is some interesting stuff there. http://soundcloud.com/aliooft.


Playlist Monday 5th March 2012

Funnily enough my playlist was completely the other way today, it was mainly hip hop and deep house. After a nice relaxing weekend with my family I woke up to find the weather had changed over night and it was now bitterly cold again, and as I left the family home with them still asleep in their warm beds, I decided it was time to let shuffle do it's thing.

It started off with some Madvillain – Meat Grinder, which despite the dark title never fails to make me grin, I then followed that up with KMD – F@#k wit ya head!,from there I was subjected to nonstop J-Dilla as my player went back to back with, Crushin (yeeeeeeeah), Make em NV and Shouts. Still it must have sensed that the sun broke through the clouds as it visited the sun drenched shores of somewhere I'm not with Mam – Sunset Funk, then I finished my walk with the fantastically epic Soultourist – Low Highfield, which i had originally intended to blog.

Playlist: Madvillain – Meat Grinder, KMD – F@#k wit ya head!, Jay Dee – Crushin (Yeeeeeeah), Jay Dee – Make em NV, Jay Dee – Shouts, Mam – Sunset Funk, Soultourist – Low Highfield.

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