30 Jul

Om Unit – Ulysses

I made a conscious decision to start picking up some new music, but as I’ve been so busy with my day job and my own music work it’s been almost impossible to keep up/get new stuff. So at the weekend I dove in and started floating around in the world of new releases, picking up various things, of which the stand out track for me has been Om Units – Ulysses.

Now I’ll be honest here, it’s especially pleasing for me to feature this track as Jim (Om Unit) is a very old, and good friend, so being able to show some support is really nice for me. Having said that the remit of the website is to always select something from our morning playlist and fortunatley this track has been on heavy rotation all weekend and on my journey today .

As long as I’ve known Jim he’s always had a particular sound about him, and while he’s always been comfortable working in multiple genres and time signatures it’s really nice to see his stuff being picked up by the bass led scenes currently so popular, and anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I like tracks that are locked into a groove and develop without you really noticing, and Ulysees is a perfect track for me. I just love tracks that can start somewhere and end somewhere else without me knowing it.

There is just something really ethereal about this track that I find difficult to explain, I have it on rewind a number of times when it comes on, and it always has my mind drifting off into deep deep space. As with a lot of jims music all is revealed in the detail, the half time drumbeat with the subkick fills, the melodies and counter melodies that are so often missing in modern dance music and lush 80’s tinged detuned synths that added together builds a nice emotive listen that people with a far more verbose ability than me would be better put explaining.

Anyway, it’ a lovely track and certainly one I recommend you check out, the EP is strong all the way through and if you get on to Om Units Soundcloud page alongside a taster of the EP you’ll also find some cracking re-edits of various tracks, and a ton of other great stuff including new productions and his brilliant DJ Mixes. I also highly recommend his exciting Cosmic Bridge Label spotlight mix and interview on Blackdown . He’s also off on a tour of America in September laying down sets at Low End Theory and a lot of other clubs right across the nation, so if you get a chance to see him I recommend you do so.

You can get the Ep on a number of websites, Beatport and Emusic for example, so enjoy and if you like show some support


Playlist Monday 30th July 2012

​It's been  busy few days for me with the after shock of a first week back at work firmly in my system and the mrs away i was on parent duties, and it was a rather tired and jaded man who boarded the train this morning with a book and an MP3 player in my hand.

I started things off with the new Om Unit EP on Civil Music, the best track of which is above. I then went deep into the vaults and retraced my youth with some garage beats, 187 Lockdown – Gunman, followed by the wicked Black Science Orchestra remix of D'Influence Magic. Two totally contratsing styles of garage, one Bass heavy one Deep Soul. Took it deep house from there and listened to the mighty 16b – Water Ride. Deep Dub oriented Techno was up next with Deep Chord presents: Echospace – Vibrational Studies, and Symbolism in transition. I have been limiting my listening on the train of late as I am having to use less than great headphones but before i called time i listened to the Om Unit EP again – it was still splendid.

Playlist: Om Unit – Aeolian EP, 187 Lockdown – Gunman, D'Influence – Magic (Black Science Orchestra Remix) , 16b – Water Ride, Deep Chord presents: Echospace –  Vibrational Studies (in Echospace)

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