18 Dec

Om Unit – Back At Plastic

I always feel a little guilty featuring an Om Unit track as i've known Jim for a long time and it always feels like people will think i feature his stuff because of that. But the truth of it is he's just a phenomenal producer who is rightly tearing things up now, gaining masses of recognition for his post-dub step low tempo dance music.

Take Back at Plastic for example, taken from his free Off Cuts Ep that was released to compliment his Threads LP on Civil Music (get it threads & off cuts?) it's a phenomenal piece of music that anyone else would have been using as a main track.

It starts out low, with a looped kick and pad, then slowly builds around a simple chord progression and the gradual introduction of various elements until the bass drops – low int he mix but when it does it's pure unadulterated funk.

i tink one of the things i really like about the Om Unit stuff is that even though it's clearly electronic it all sounds very organic, ethnic in some ways – truly reflecting the London mix it's so clearly born from.

Anyway, grab it and grab the Threads LP as it's a real cracker.

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