22 May

Oliver Nelson – Rhubarb

Summer is fast approaching and we are starting to see some proper summer barn stormers being released and making an appearance on our blog….and we have another one tonight.


We have covered Oliver Nelson a few times on the blog – we are both pretty big fans of his nu-disco goodness. When he is on form, damn his tracks are catchy as hell. Today's track, on the always excellent Perfect Havoc label, sees him saunter into the world of more up-tempo house. But not any old style of house, its that awesome filtered disco goodness that we really love round here and what a track he has put together. Where to start, well from about 33 seconds in when the groove drops it just gets you by the lapels and shakes you about. I don't really need to say anymore other than any party that drops this is destined to descend into chaos. Awesome stuff….just put it on and turn it up.

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