18 Jul

Oliver Mtukudzi & The Black Spirits – Dai Ndiine Mukoma

Didn’t really play much on the way to work this morning so going to end the week on a freebie and an absolute barnstormer at that.

Dai Ndiine Mukoma by Oliver Mtukudzi.

I have mentioned before on the blog (I think), that I am a big fan of the guitar led music from Zimbabwe, such as the four brothers and I’ve posted up tracks by bands like the green arrows. Mtukudzi is another artist from Zimbabwe and today’s track is one of my favourites of this style.

It’s recorded live and is just immense from the opening riff to the very end. That beautiful, uplifting riff is relentless all the way through, then you have the amazing bass, drums and vocals from Mtukudzi and the backing singers. Plus, as it’s recorded live, you can hear the crowd shouting and whooping. It’s almost gospel in the emotion it whips up and the way it builds and builds.

Huge, absolutely huge and a great way to see a gorgeous summer weekend in I think.

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