02 Oct

Odyssey – Inside Out

Occasionally there are tracks you just remember from when you were younger that have somehow just left a mark. Be it falling asleep in the back of your dads car listening to AM radio or waking up in the middle of the night to listen to a specific radio show or station they bring back fond memories of more innocent times. For example I had a small twin tape deck stereo and i used to sleep on the floor so i could have it quiet enough not to keep my mum and dad awake with the music.

So, where I'm leading is to this track Odyssey – inside out.

It's forever been a track I've been really interested in because i used to hear it constantly on late night radio (disco was a dirty word back then) and it reminded me greatly of the mighty Slave and their track "Watching you". After a few years i started looking into things and realised the Odyssey track was actually produced by Slave and was pretty much a remake with different lyrics – no big deal in this day and age of sampling but  considering the Slave track was released in 1979 and Inside out was released in 1982 makes it all the more fascinating for me.

The lyrics were written by Jessie Rae, a Scottish song writer who i know nothing about other than he's now in politics, but the track is just incredibly melancholic and a seriously huge production (listen to those strings). The sad lyrics speak for them self and the amazing backing music from Slave rampes things up greatly.

The Multitrack tapes were unearthed not so long ago and a bunch of people remixed the track for the Return flight LP, there is also a cracking version floating around where Tony Reynolds sings the song instead of Louise Lopez, so if you can try and track it down.

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I'll leave you there and enjoy.

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