25 Jul

Odisee – NNGE (Feat. Toine)

So having not picked any hip hop for a while, recently i have picked up quite a bit and have been playing through on the way to work. Plus I'm following on nicely from Aapie's post last night.


Stand out is the latest from Washington DC rapper Odisee (great name). It appears the man is pretty damn prolific but i have to be honest and say i am pretty new to his stuff, but i am really loving the album he dropped in Feb this year – The Iceberg, which tonight's track is from. NNGE – is simply top draw from any angle you approach it. An absolutely cracking break, funky as hell bass line topped off with some truly superb rapping. If you dig it check out the album and his back catalogue at bandcamp and why not pick up a tune or two 🙂 

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