04 Nov

Oddisee – Fievre

Well i finally got some down time at the weekend and took it as an opportunity to switch off and spend time with my family especially my son, which while great meant when the alarm went off this morning it was a struggle to drag my weary bones from the bed. To be honest i just wasn’t in the mood for anything uptempo and i decided to just put on an album and let it play – which i think is something people rarely do in this day and age. partly because our attention spans have shortened so much and partly because albums are usually compiled in such a shoddy manner that they just don't work as a single listen.

Thankfully the "Oddisee – The beauty within all" LP I choice to listen to is an album that's clearly been put together with the over all flow of it as one of the main concerns. In fact i very nearly just blogged about the whole albums it's such a complete listen but i decided to go with the track that jumped out the most and that’s:

Oddisee – Fievre

Like i said the albums a great listen but Fievre really jumped out at me , with the beuatiful piano countering the organ melody and the skippy latin tinged beats keeping the tempo feeling quicker than it is by the time you get to the massive synth solo… well… it's almost like a long lost Azymuth track.

Now instrumental Hip Hop beat driven albums are a difficult thing to pull off. they ted to feel like a bunch of unfinished projects, lacking an MC or with no cohesion. It’s very hard to make Hip Hop tempo music without an MC, and i half expected this to be one of those occasions where it didn’t quite hold together but as I have other stuff by Oddisee such as 101 where the instrumental album is as nice a listen as the vocal I had an idea it would be at least ok. It turned out to be one of the best albums I’ve bought this year though.

Anyway I’ve followed Oddisees prolific output for a long time now. As i say 101 back in 2008 was a particular favourite of mine and has one of my favourite Hip Hop beats ever in Claim to Fame, and Fievre is another lovely track and well worth grabbing.

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