08 Aug

O.C. – Special

Anyone who knows Hip Hop, be it Old School, New School or Gangster Rap knows all about the DITC Crew, and O.C. will need absolutely no introduction.

But if you don't know, D.I.T.C is short for "Digging in the Crates" and was a collective of MC's from New York featuring some of the most revered MC's, DJ's and producers to ever be involved in Hip Hop. We're talking legendary status here, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Big L, Buckwild, Show & A.G and the MC I want to concentrate on today O.C. (and his track "Special")

O.C. is without doubt most well known for his 1994  track "Time is Up", but he's been a prolific MC over the years, first appearing on Fudge Pudge on Organised Konfusions album, and also contributing vocals to tracks by MC Serch's solo projects and the D.I.T.C work as well. Infact he's so well know that i won't waste time trying to relay what you can find on wikipedia.

However, Special is a little less known and is taken from his 2005 Japan only release, Starchild. To be honest I thought it was actually a street mixtape until i did some background for this post, and I realised it was a genuine full release on Grit Records that was shelved due to sample clearance – I think there was something like only 20,000 copies pressed.

On first listen it's pretty standard mid-90’s fare, and delivers exactly what you'd expect form any member of the D.I.T.C crew, bragadocious battle lyrics with a great flow, over soulful beat. But give it time and the pitched soul vocals really bring this track out ahead of the pack and whilst there is a bit of cussing in the vocal content it never takes over, meaning you can appreciate O.C.'s flow for what i is – brilliant. The production is from Swedens Soul Supreme, who's also contributed beats and production for MC's like KRS One and Big Daddy Kane, and really nails the classic hip hop vibe. It's quite slow for this style of hip Hop but over the last 5-6 years it's been a track I've consistently gone back to over and over again.

I'll leave it there, enjoy.

Playlist Wednesday 8th August 2012

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