01 May

Nneka – Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix)






It is very hard to follow a track as great as ‘Who’s The Bad Man’…but I’ll give it a go.

The power of the remix; It can take a track and move it from sub-par into a quality piece of work (see the Idjut boys remix of the lighthouse family as a great example – still remember Aapie playing me it for the first time), it can tinker with it enough to tip it over into quality/classic status, or it can just rebuild it and change it up completely. I would put the remix of Nneka’s ‘Shining Star’ by Joe Goddard into the last group.

I don’t really know much about Nneka’s work other than it is a blend of soul, hip hop and R&B – which is also a perfect description of the original version of ‘Shining Star’. Joe Goddard I know a bit more about particularly via his work in the tremendous Hot Chip. But, his solo work and particularly solo remixes have really been making a mark for a while. Last year his track ‘Gabriel’ was everywhere, but to be honest (and I can’t really pinpoint why) it didn’t really do it for me. Maybe it’s because I will forever put the name ‘Gabriel’ with Roy Davis Jnr – whatever, it is clearly my issue rather than Joe Goddard’s as everyone went mad for the track. His ‘Shining Star’ remix however, I love. It has a lot of the same characteristics and production techniques of ‘Gabriel’ (the mark of a good producer – you can tell it’s them but they keep bringing more to it each time), but for me, it just works better. There is a real light and dark nature to this mix – moody through the verse, uplifting in the chorus and I love the way the long intro builds and builds in classic house fashion with vocal snippets and percussion coming in and out. At 9 minutes it takes it time getting going, but stay with it – it totally transforms the original, pretty much only hanging on to the original vocal.

The track is getting all sorts of coverage at the moment and rightly so. It reminds me of Masters At Work, the way they would merge soul and house in a perfect way that even a house layman like myself would know it was them straight away. They used to really make their mark on a track and nearly always take it to another level. Joe Goddard has certainly done that here – it’s a beautiful track, and dare I say it, destined to be a classic.

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Playlist: Tuesday 1st May 2012

Today was a drive into work, which was good as lately the weather has been utterly miserable – just non-stop rain. Once again my car is in a non-operating state so I have a courtesy car from the garage. Only upside is that I can play MP3s via the aux/usb connection. It was just me heading in today, wife and child staying at home, so I plugged in and turned the music it up. I went to shuffle to see what it would throw up: first was the Velvets type indie of Gabriel and the Hounds and the indie/alternative route continued as it went from Youth Lagoon, via Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros to a track from the latest album by The Shins (one of my favourite bands but I am still to get fully into this album). The 80s style pop of Francisco and the above track followed as did Nicolas Jarr and another great band, Beirut. The eclectic mood continued crossing the hip hop of Himuki and the truly bizarre cover of ‘Anyone Can Fall In Love’ (the terrible theme tune from Eastenders that had lyrics added to it) – by Kindness (he of the Gee Up post I did a while back). As I pulled up the alt country majesty of Damien Jurado’s ‘Arkansas’ was coming to a close. A perfect track to go out on.

Playlist: Gabriel & The Hounds – The World Unfolds, Youth Lagoon – 17, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream, The Shins – 40 Mark Strasse, Francisco – 80 Voglia, NNeka – Shining Star (Joe Goddard Remix), Nicolas Jaar – ^tre, Beirut – A Candle’s Fire, Midwest Product – A Genuine Display (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix), Himuki – Alright Feat. Raashan Ahmad (DJ Tonk Remix), Kindness – Anyone Can Fall In Love, S_P_A_C_E_S – Apologies, Damien Jurado – Arkansas

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