18 Mar

Nick Bertke (Pogomix) – Kenya Chords



I'm going to completely abandon format today and post  a piece of music that was not on my playlist in anyway. It's actually a video I stumbled upon today’s choice vi way of a Youtube link someone posted on a Facebook group.

Nick Bertke (Pogomix) – Kenya Chords

Nick Bertke alias Pogomix is an Australian musician. However musician almost under sells the truly visionary work he does. Essentially he takes films, chops them into little bits re-samples them and then builds his musical productions out of that, thus creating videos for the tracks as he goes. A concept which in itself is nothing new, Colduct, Hexstatic and other artists have been doing similar for a good decade if not more, but the fluid way his productions are put together is in my personal opinion on another level up.

He's been producing Remixes (which is what he calls his videos) for a while making  abig name for himself on Youtube, notable examples are his remix of the Disney films Snow White and Alice in Wonder Land which is how I was first introduced to his work a couple of years ago. He has been becoming more and more in demand by the year touring the USA and lecturing on copyright usage and other subjects in the same field. Major film and TV companies have been getting him to do more and more video work, Disney and Nickleodeon have hired him to do commissioned work for example which speaks volumes in my eyes.

The track i'm posting is Kenya Chords. It is a remix from his time travelling in Kenya, and it's a fantastic little house number with a vocal cut, up of a young Kenyan vocalist, that is extremely reminiscent of Todd Edwards choppy garage vocal cuts. 

It's only about two minutes long which is a real shame as it is over before it gets going, but i guarantee you will be rewinding this it's really that beautiful in both it's sound and imagery.


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