02 Feb

New Order – Best & Marsh






There is not a lot I could say about New Order that hasn’t been said. They are one of my favourite bands and I think they deserve the plaudits they receive, but I am by no means an expert so won’t even head down that road.

Best & Marsh is a B-Side track from the Round & Round 12” (but can be found on a re-release of the album Technique). Despite it being issued alongside this album it sounds very similar to ‘Thieves Like Us’ from Substance, all be it cranked up a bit in terms of BPM. Two things made me post it up..A) it is brilliant and B) I don’t think it has really dated, particularly as so many bands have taken the lead from their sound and this era. Yeah, the piano sound takes you back to house tracks around that time, the stuff that New Order were probably listening to when they were recording the album in Ibiza, but it is still not out of place from tracks being released today.  Have used the track a number of times in mixes and it just slots in perfectly alongside newer tracks. You can spot it’s a New Order track a mile off, especially when Captain Hookie comes in with his bass right at the end. Technique is one of my favourite new order albums and this is one of my favourite tracks.

Oh, for the record, apparently Best & Marsh was a football programme hosted by the one the only Tony Wilson on Granada TV. It was basically him talking to, you guessed it, Rodney Marsh and George Best and was on in the 80’s


Playlist: 2nd February 2012

Today was a journey in the car, which was good considering the temperature continued to drop. I was playing MP3s from my phone into the car’s stereo, no real chance to skip, so decided to go for an album and plumped for Toro Y Moi’s last album ‘Underneath the Pine”. I hadn’t had a chance to give it a proper listen so took the opportunity to give it a full outing. I really like their stuff and this is another beauty. Listening to it made me realise that I need to post something on them so I won’t bang on about it now. But take it from me, it’s a great. As I approached work I did take a detour to ‘Hover Traps’ by Rustie, a new track not a million miles away from “Best & Marsh”

Playlist: New Order – Best & Marsh, Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine (Album), Rustie – Hover Traps


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