02 Nov

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall Remix)

Today is another one of those examples of a great remix completely changing a track and turning it into a classic (saying that, the original was pretty great too).
I didn’t really have a commute today. I had to stay overnight in London and got the boring business shuttle from the hotel to the office, it is so short and I was still pretty much asleep so the headphones never made it out of the bag. This meant i got home knowing i would take a freebie but not sure what. Waiting for me was a few belated birthday presents from my friend JP. One of the items was a collection of My Bloody Valentine eps from 88-91. Bosh, what a present. I am going to assume all reading this will know who My Bloody Valentine are/were and what sort of sound they peddled. They are so revered (as is Kevin Shields generally) and while i maybe don’t love all of their stuff, when it is good, it is amazing and there is some incredible stuff on this collection of singles. It really took me back to the first time i heard some of them.
While i was tempted to go for the awesome track Drive It All Over Me that was a B-Side of the legendary, You Made Me Realise (i actually saw My Bloody Valentine on the Rollercoaster tour and the breakdown in the middle of this track used to get longer and longer every time they played it, usually topping 10 minutes), there really was only going to be one winner…Soon which is a remix by Andy Weatherall.
Like MBV, i am not an expert on Weatherall’s work, but like them, when it is good it is amazing and this remix is phenomenal. It keeps the dense sonics of the MBV original but pulls out and loops certain melodies and riffs and then underpins it with an almighty drum break (which i think is in itself a cut up of the immense Alarm Clock by Westbam). It has a phased version of the drum break at the start but then the full break comes in with that chiming guitar…it is absolutely sonic perfection. It was such a cross over track, me and my mates even used to hear it being dropped in the middle of techno sets and everyone would go mad. Immense stuff and if you can, pick up the MBV singles collection i mentioned earlier.


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