15 Nov

My Bloody Valentine – Drive It All Over Me

Today is going to be a short one – I didn’t really have a commute in so I am taking a freebie, and to add to that I am going to blog a track from a band and an album I have already posted about….outrageous and lazy I know but I always knew I was going to put this track up at sometime as it is so good and it was so hard to decided between it and the track I finally blogged (my friend who bought me the album thought I would have blogged this track originally as its been a fave of mine for years).

The track is ‘Drive It All Over Me’ by My Bloody Valentine, which, as I have mentioned before was the b-side to the legendary ‘You Made Me Realise’ but to be honest I prefer this track (it appears on the singles collection that has just been released. I love tracks like this, that are perfect pop but are wrapped in anything but a pop sound…a really driving bass and distorted guitar and staccato drum pattern but through it all is that lovely melody and vocal that makes it all hang together. Pretty much perfection. 


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