25 Jun

Musique le Pop – Mateo

As anyone who follows this blog will know we love melancholy poppy dance music, and is there anywhere in the world that does it better than Scandinavia? 

They just seem to have an incredible knack for nailing that slightly cheesy yet still quite cool, shiny but sad sound. So today's track of choice should be of no great surprise in style:

Musique le Pop – Mateo

And, honestly, Mateo is one of the best examples i've heard of this in many a long time, the Norwegian Trio absolutely bring it home with one massive wriggling earworm.

The track reminds me of pop dance by the likes of Annie, Kings of Convenience, Air France and Aeroplane in that they'll happily embrace the most cheesy of concept and put it firmly in a club setting and make it work, that's not meant as a comparison but more a "if you like that, you'll love this" type of connection. A funky little bass line, sparkling synths, a spangly metallic guitar and more melody then you can shake a stick at but…. and it's a good but…. the absolute best thing about this track is the vocal harmonies on the Chorus, just listen.

There is nothing too wild and it almost sounds like a vocal with a bit of chorus added to it, but then i started noticing just little layers here and there a key change or a little counterpoint fluctuating in and out.

Anyway, I've been sat on this track for a few weeks as I didn't realise it was actually out. It's been on my Nexus for a good 3 weeks now and almost everyday gets a cheeky little listen and puts a smile on my face. It's completely brilliant, and i can't recommend it enough, the whole EP is realy quite excellent as well, and for a while i thought i would blog other tracks but this gradually grew on me and is now a regular on my playlists, you can grab over at: cafesuperstar.com/

It also reminds me of being on holiday as a teenager. hehe! 


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