17 Oct

Múm – Toothwheels

I had a lovely commute today with my good lady wife, but there wasn’t a soundtrack to our journey. So I have gone for a track from an album I have been listening to a lot this week, when I have had a commute, and actually on my journey home tonight.

Múm have been around for a while and I like their stuff. They have a great balance between experimental and pop and electronic and organic. This album had been out for a few months (another on my list) and it has had mixed reviews. I can understand the criticisms levelled at it but I really like.

The opening track which I have gone for, Toothwheels is a great example of my earlier point. The tempo, beat and electronics could point you to many similar tracks, but there is something a bit special about how they do it, always an edge that makes it more interesting and which cranks up as the track goes on. There are some really amazing tracks on this album so do check it out. Anyways, this one is for the wife, for such a lovely commute today.

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