31 May

Mudd & Pollard – Mawson’s Walk

Mudd & PollardI'll try and paint a picture for you. If you can, imagine a small sports car. A Triumph convertible, or an Austin Healy 3000 or even a Sunbeam Tiger, top down, the sun blazing. Driving down through the Italian alps, hairpin corners, and long meandering roads with breathtaking drops on the passengers side. Roger Moore or Michael Cane moving the cars through the gears, with a beautiful female companion, big sunglasses and scarf, in the passenger seat laughing and watching the scenery.

pr perhaps it's two cars one driven by the man, the other by the woman, flirty, pseudo racing each other down the road, the girl just having the edge on the guy, weaving in and out of traffic, overtaking the big heavy black family cars and getting beeped.

Lower thirds and edits sliding in, half screens and boxes showing different angles, the film looking overly saturated in colour…. got it?

Now listen to today's track:

Mudd & Pollard – Mawson's Walk

I love sound track music, it's not something i listen to every day but occasionally it's just something you need, and today's track really reminds me of those late 60's early 70's soundtracks, Quincy Jones and Marvin Gayes instrumental work. A funky drum track lots of jazz licks, mellow, brass for the chorus, Rhodes piano, string quartets and bongo's…lot's of bongos.

I won't go on too long as i think it's a track that needs to be heard rather than talked about. I picked it up ont he excellent Claremont 56 of which i've been digging a lot of their releases recently, it's worth checking them out.

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