04 Dec

MTNS – Waves

It's quite rare I get sent an E.P and I'm genuinely stuck on which track I want to feature but it does happen and the Like a Stone EP  from Brisbane based Australian Trio MTNS is one of those occasions.


From the minute I first put it on two tracks jumped out at me, Waves and Slow Motion they are both absolutely wonderful tracks. I'm going to opt for Waves as the feature but regardless you need to check out Slow Motion as well. 


Without doubt, the thing that really jumped out at me on Waves is the melodic vocals. Quite often electronic pop music is vocally built around a musical hook first with the vocal melody either countering that or built around it, but really great pop is always driven by the vocal melody and that's very much the case here on Waves. The music is stripped back and sparse and the wonderfully diaphanous R'n'B tinged vocals drift through shining and sparkling over dark heavy reverb saturated drums and synth chords until the powerful harmonised chorus hits (and it really does hit) washing over you like, uhm… Waves! (See what i did there?)


Production is crisp and interesting,  vocal resamples and percussive fills are all over the track providing lots of those occasions where on the fifth or sixth listen you pick them up keeping it constantly interesting.


The EP came through a couple of weeks ago but I've been pretty ill and only just been able to get around to featuring it – still, some things are worth waiting for.



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