15 May

Mr Myoplast – Frailty (Mrs Jynx Remix)

There are artists who are prolific and artists who barely release anything, Mrs Jynx falls into the second category. The thing is, I tend to find that those less prolific artists make music that is genuinely stunning. Perhaps it's a quality control thing, they only put out music that is exactly what they want, or perhaps they just don't produce incessantly, either way I think it can be quite a rare thing when you get an artists who leaves you wishing they released more music.


I first picked up on Mrs Jynx back when The Standoffish Cat first came out on Planet Mu, mainly through my heartfelt love of My Friend T3 (Remix of Resynthesize). Which was, and remains to this day, an all time favourite. In fact it was revisiting that track that lead me back to Mrs Jynx remix of Frailty by Mr Myoplast on Recycled Plastic.


The original is a thumping slice of electro tinged melodic dancefloor mayhem, but it's pretty tough sounding. Mrs Jynx takes it down in tempo, builds on those beats and takes the main chords and stabs and brings them up in the mix to make them the backbone of the tune. It works, and compliments the original wonderfully. 


Yeah, perhaps it's a more sedate version of it, but it brings the funk when that beat truly kicks in around the 0:17 and then again 1:21 mark.


It came out back in 2012, as a bonus track on the Un Jour Aux Courses LP by Mr Myoplast. It's a CDR only release, the digital release sadly only takes in the first 10 tracks, but it's deffo worth trying to track it down. if you can.


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