10 Aug

Mozart’s Sister – Eternally Girl

Aapie and i have been missing in action from the blog over the last couple of weeks due to travelling and it just being a generally busy time. But time to stick something up.


It will be a quick one but a lovely one. Many will have maybe come across Mozart's Sister, maybe not. Anyway, it is Carla Thompson-Hannah who hails from Montreal, Canada. Tonight's track is off her second album which was released at the start of the year, although i think Eternally Girl was released earlier. The track is an absolutely beautiful piece of electronic pop, the kind that you want to just put on repeat as the melody and hooks are that good. Its got that 80s feel but just a bit…just enough but its definitely now and it is topped with her quite frankly tremendous vocal. If you can, also check out the video which is great – its her running backwards and forwards….you have to see it 🙂


The whole album is tremendous and you can pick it up from bandcamp. Well worth doing. Fantastic stuff.

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