17 Aug

Move D – Sandman

First day back at work after two weeks off (thanks to fourbearsjr for holding the fort), and i'm no going to lie, it's been a struggle so I decided that I needed some easy to absorb deep techy house to get me in the right frame of mind to deal with this most unfortunate of situations. To be fair it was a pretty easy commute, August means France is pretty much closed down and the train was all but empty and as i was hopping off the train at Paris Nord on came the superb Sandman by Move D came on putting a melody in my head and a skip in my step.

Move D is  bit of a regular around these parts, in as much as like The Revenge I feature him as much as is humanly possible and Sandman has long been a favourite of mine from all the way back in 1993 (though to be fair i didn't' discover it until the 00's 😀 ).

The track is quite sparse, a solid bass kicks the track off, with a steady soft kick drum underlining it. A bridge as such comes in with an FM chime John Carpenter style melody, but the real beauty in the track is round the 3:30 mark when the groove switches up and  a 2 bar loop filtered up and down creates a chugging dancefloor friendly groove that will just zone you out. 

It originally come out on the legendary Homework (a Collection form the Source) (I think), which is worth tracking down if you can.


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