15 Sep

Mountain – Long Red

So last weeks post with Shirley Bassey tearing it up got me digging into my folders for old breaks and beats, and the ensuing playlist threw up today’s mighty drum and psych rock mayhem:

Mountain – Long Red (live)

This is one of those tracks, that you’ve heard a million times but probably never noticed due to it being courtesy of the opening drums getting sampled to death, 300 times if Wiki is to believed.

Maybe so, but it’s a cracking track in it’s own rights. Recorded at Woodstock, and very different from the album version, the track opens with the biggest of drum beats accompanied by a scorching guitar that tears in and solo’s along nicely till Leslie Wests searing vocals come growling through. It’s a bit trippy a bit mental but completely mesmerising, especially when West shuts up and just lest the guitar do the singing…

I’m not a massive psychrock fan but on occasion, when it’s done right, it can really just hit the spot, and this is one such occasion.

I first heard it on Eric B is President (the vocal sample), but you probably know it from the massive Jay Z “99 problems”.

Anyway it’s huge, enjoy.

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