17 May

Mosca – Tilt Shift

moscaThis weeks been quite a tough one so i'm afraid it's a short one today. A sick little boy and back to a shed load of work after the long weekend and ahead of the, erm, long weekend, has meant i've ha dlittle time to rotate my music on my MP3 player. Which means my play list has been pretty much the same all week.

Everything has had a lot of listens but the one track that's been getting silly amounts of rewinds is:

Mosca – Tilt Shift

It's a seriously dark bit of slo-motion house. Arabic chanting mixed with Jamaican Rude Boy chat ("that is not enough to call my name out"). Starting with a simple 909 kick it layers up at all the right moments filtered stabs and an 8bit melody line that just makes you wanna play pacman – it's simple and raw but boy does it hit home.

Anyway, it's been around a long time, 2010 I think on Fat City it's a big tune, one i've often gone back to you can pick it up in various places, emusic, boomkat etc…. It's also worth checking out Moscas Soundcloud page, as there are some awesome tracks on there, jumping many genres.

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