30 Jul

Morrissey – Interesting Drug

If you hate Morrissey (for whatever reason) i would ask you to put that to one side for a moment as this track is a slice of pop genius.


This morning i was sitting on the toilet reading the latest Uncut (i have a toilet roll holder that also holds magazines – it has the genius name Loo Read) and it had an article on Morrissey’s back catalogue – It made me think of todays track straight away. A few weeks ago this track popped into my head and i thought, crikey, how have i forgotten this. I bought it on 12” when i was about 15/16 and have always loved it. I think it was only released as a single other than appearing on a best of or a remastered album as an extra.


It has all of the Smiths bar Marr playing on it and also Kirsty Maccoll on backing vocals and while Marr doesn’t make an appearance, the guitar is still amazing. It is a fantastic track and in a strange way Morrissey’s funkiest. It was released in 89 and definitely (you can hear it in the drums) has a lean to the dancier indie stuff out at the time of say the Stone Roses. But the melody and lyrics are pure gold (“there are some bad people on the right”, “a government scheme designed to kill your dreams”), the guitar is immense and Maccolls backing vocal is superb. i must have listened to it about 10 times back to back as i made my way across london to work. A truly great track.

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