25 Apr

Mørk – See You Dance

Its been a while since i posted something up as i was away last week, but I'm back and oh yes have i got something rather tasty for you. We were sent this track a while back and have been playing it a lot so glad to be able to post it up


To be honest i haven't heard Mørk's stuff before and I'm not going to lie, i am going to use the description that accompanied the track to describe it for you as it is spot on: He leans on his sense of melody for dazzling Røyksopp-style vocals and a thumping chorus with an Abba-style modulated ending. They are not lying and it all comes together to create a track that is catchy as hell and uses that quiet / loud format to great effect – when it goes from the broken down verse in to the full on chorus it will definitely have you busting out some kicks and moves. Really really gorgeous stuff and you can head over to Bandcamp to pick it up and check out the rest of his stuff….see you there

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