08 Jan

Morgan Geist – The Idiot Track

We've posted a fair few Morgan Geist tracks over the years, both being big fans of of his work as Metro Area, Storm Queen and Jersey Devil Social Club. So it's a little bit of a surprise it's taken one of us so long to get around to blogging the Megaprojects One EP.


It's no surprise that Geist’s music is deeply rooted in homage, Metro Area is clearly a homage to the 80's led Italo disco sound, and Megaprojects heads back to the 80's but this time lands far more in the nu wave Electronica scene that was populated by artists like Devo, Kraftwerk and Art of Noise.


In all honesty the EP is quite a difficult listen, there is no easy way in, harsh industrial sounds and crisp tinny drums, but as with all Gesit tracks there is an element of arse wiggling melody about the tracks, and no where is this obvious than on "The Idiot Track".


The rapid fire harsh high ended drums are distorted to f*ck, but the track si held together by the biggest of electro bass lines accompanied by an ever changing counter melody.


Anyway, i'm not going to waste to long spouting on about it, it's a great track, the rest fo the EP while a tough listen is great.





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