18 Apr

Moodymann – Lyk U Use 2 (feat. Andrés)

So, Good Friday, no work, no journey no playlist. So, i'm grabbing a freebie (if it's good enough for Fourbearsjr it's good enough for me).

Moodymann – Lyk U Use 2 (feat. Andrés)

If you dont' know, Moodymann is Kenny Dixon Jr, officially a legend and one of the biggest names in house music. Andrés is a little less known but still a legend in his own right, if you're not a house head you may know him as his previous incarnation as Dj Dez from Slum Village – post village he has spend the last 10-12 years producing some of the best house music out there. So two of Detroit’s greatest artists combining to make one of my favourite tracks of the year.

Anyway, to the track. It's basically just a superb 2step soulful house track. From the opening Marvin Gaye sample (Kenny loves a bit of Marvin) to Andres lovely smooth vocal the track just sucks you in. The shuffling samples and chopped keys coupled with Andrés lyrics blend perfectly and you can't help feel like you're listening to a long lost Outkast track.

So on that note i'm just going to let it play, below is the album sampler from soundcloud and the track care of youtube. All i can say is if you haven't got this album yet then go and buy it. NOW!


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