04 Jun

Mood II Swing – Ohh

Busy week? yeah, whaaaaateveeeeeer! But, serioulsy it's been one of those! but thankfully, as you'll know if you're a regular reader, i've been ripping my old vinyl and putting together some old playlists to run through on my commute – and today being a wet midweek journey into work i lazily chucked on the classic house playlist and let it do it's thing..sliding past Kerri Chandler, Charles Webster and a bunch of others I stumbled back upon todays choice and had to blog it:

Mood II Swing – Ohh

This is one of those tracks where there isn't really much to it other than one almighty groove which is basically a drum, a walking bass line and some progressive chords. It's deep house jim, but not as you know it. Firmly rooted in the New Jersey sound from the mid 90's it sits perfectly alongside tracks form Artists like Masters at Work and Blaze. The Little vocal sample here and there and the guys drop the main elements in and out but really what the track revolves around is the simple fact that it's a big groove that can lead the dance floor – and i've seen it tear up some big club's in my time.

These throw back tracks are becoming a bit of a regular occurrence, might have to make it  a genuine feature 🙂

So, on that note i'll leave you with a short, and lazy post, and let the track do all the work.

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