18 Jun

Monitor 66 – Her Bells





Sadly today I've had, as Withnail would say, "a b*stard behind the eyes" and the thought of listening to music let alone blogging it has not been a welcome one. So I'll make no apologies for the fact todays track is not from a morning playlist but is in fact a tune I've been eagerly waiting weeks to come out. Monitor 66 – Her Bells.

Headache issues aside this track landed on me this evening and my mood changed from feeling pretty grim to moderately pleased with myself. It's one of those tracks that you'll love or hate, and for me (obviously) it's a massive love. It's real happy feel good, grinning at yer mates sunny beach led house music, (Think, Drop Out Orchestra with a bit more sun and you're pretty much there).

I don't know much about Monitor 66, other than they are from Sweden, and they've nailed the sunny Ibiza sound with out rolling out another generic big room by numbers standard. There are so many elements on this track sit right for me, the walking electro bass line is a stomper but i think the real trump card is the FM bells melody line that is adding just that extra layer of fun in there.

Anyway I'm tired and wittering, but this track really changed my mood this evening so it may change yours, to be fair you my not even need it changed. It came out today and is backed by excellent remixes from both The Legendary 1976 Orchestra and Gary Baldi (both remixes take that FM Bells melody and build on it), but it's the original that's been doing it for me for a while, so I hope you enjoy it.

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