17 Jul

Money Mark – Hand In Your Head

What a journey to work i had this morning, music wise. As i have mentioned before, i am now lucky enough to have DAB radio in my car which means i can listen to the excellent 6 music, which plays a stack of new music nowhere else does and also tons of alternative stuff, particulalry from my younger days. So quite often i get bouts of nostalgia when they stick on something i have forgotten or not heard in a while.

This morning was a bumper day with the following making an appearance: Theme from S-Express, Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out by Bentleys Rhythmn Ace and the quite frankly huge Start The Dance by Hamilton Bohannan. But the topper was todays track;

Hand In Your Head by Money Mark.

As most will know, he was the keyboard player for the Beastie Boys and then stuck out some stuff via Mo' Wax and other labels over the years. This track originally appeared on his first album, Mark's Keyboard Repair, in a shortened version with just vocals and keyboards under the name Got My Hand In Your Head. This full blown version appeared on his next album, the excellent 'Push The Button'.

It still sounds brilliant now. the jazzy groove, they awesome keyboards plus its got some lovely drumming driving it a long, all wrapped up in a kind of pop song. I also love the way it builds and the handclaps come in at the end. Fantastic stuff and i was properly going for it when it came on in the car. Had to be a good day after that. Ok, so i have nicked 6 Musics playlist, but that was my commute and when its that good, who cares. 

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