24 Jan

Milosh – The City


Today, instead of my usual commute to the office or journey to London, I made the pilgrimage across the Pennines to Chester. This means an hour and a half drive, mostly via the strangeness that is the M62 (I swear it has its own weather system). So off I went with a stack of old mix cds.

For those who don’t know, the M62 connects Liverpool and Hull via Manchester and Leeds. It has the highest point of any motorway in the UK and as you come over this point, it is quite amazing to see the sprawling hills and vastness of the open space. On a day like today, with snow everywhere, it feels even more desolate.

Today I played through a few of the old cds mentioned earlier and today’s track came on just at the right time, almost mirroring the landscape musically. The track is ‘The City’ by Milosh, an electronic artist from Canada and the track is from his 2006 album Meme. Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss tracks/music like this, that don’t necessarily grab you by the scruff of the neck (the Picthfork review of the album explains this much better than I ever could http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/5690-meme/ ). Plus many people output stuff in this genre that is not that well put together and I think that is where this track particularly differs. The production and attention to detail is gorgeous – I love the chopped up drums and rolls, the glitches, the way key lyrics just jump out (‘Can you see my face……buildings were covered with snow….’) and I really love the way that the last line of the lyrics is just carved up and repeated so that you have no idea what it was meant to be. Plus, when you crank it up the beats and the track itself absolutely kick – The rear view mirror was bouncing from the bass drums. Very nice indeed and nice to be taken back to it.

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