03 Oct

Million Dollar Weekends – Addicted To Your Love (Disco Despair Remix)

We've been fans and supporters of Youth Control's Disco Despair for a hot minute now so it's always a moment of joy when we get a new DD track through the grapevine, or as in this case remix.


If you haven' heard Million Dollar Weekends version i suggest you check it out, because while it's not a bad track it's quite startling how much the Disco Despair version feels like the original and the Million Dollar Weekends version feels like the remix. Maybe that's because I just have a natural affinity to the sparkling production and up-lifiting melodics of Disco Despair (plus i'm a sucker for congas in dance music).


The thing I really like about the track is how it' focused on specific points, and that's where Disco Despair really nails the remix building it around the hook of the chorus he takes the heavily pitch shifted original vocal of the original and weaves it into a triumphant arms in the air dancefloor ode to young love.


Brilliant, as always!


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