19 Jun

Mighty Ryeders – Evil Vibrations

It has been a crazy week or so at work so it has really been down to Aapie to stick posts up, but things are just about getting back to normal.

Anyhoo, I was driving into work this morning and on 6 music, all of a sudden, the superbness that is Roller skating Jam Named Saturday by De La Soul came on. It made me think of the original track they had sampled, a track I was thinking the other day I should stick up..

Evil Vibrations by Mighty Ryeders.

I picked up a reissue of the album this track appears on when it was re-released by the excellent Luv N Haight label. It became a staple track in most of my Dj sets. It’s just a tremendous piece of jazz funk that never ceases to get you head nodding and doing some jazz turns. Excellent stuff.

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