30 Jan

Mighty Dub Katz – Guanguanco (Ashley Beedles Dub)

I have been pretty busy recently so haven’t played through any new stuff enough to put it up, plus on my commute today I played through any old stuff that had popped into my head. Everything from the Wedding Present, to Meat Beat Manifesto to today’s track.

Ashley Beedles remix of Guanguanco.

The Mighty Dub Katz (Mr Norman Cook) had some pretty big tracks such as the immense “Just another groove”. But I particularly love this remix. Both Aapie and I are massive fans of Ashley Beedle’s work, he rarely puts a foot wrong and we have posted up tracks like New Jersey Deep before. Today’s track is right in that mould (and the reason there is a picture of Beedle, not Cook).

In terms of disco house, it’s about as good as it gets in my opinion. Like most of his best stuff, when it drops, it blows the roof off and from there on it he is just messing with the immense groove. I played it out once and the place went ape shit when it kicked in, even though most didn’t know what it was.

It was hard to find a link to the right mix. This is an edited version of the 9 minute original and has been posted up by the southern fried records label. It even has a guy reading out the labels website a couple of times through it. But there is enough for you to get the gist and you can pick the full track up pretty easily. There is a heavy dub version by Beedle that has a bit of a Brazilian vocal. But it’s this  instrumental dub that I think is the definitive one.

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