07 Sep

Michael Jukeson – Give it All

I'm not going to lie, it's been the week from hell at The Walk To Work towers. You may have noticed we missed a couple of posts, and that is because both myself and fourbearsjr have been all over the place work wise and working silly hours. Now i don't know about you but i'm thoroughly deserving of my weekend, so putting the moaning aside i wanted to focus on a track i've listened to a lot over the last week: Michael Jukesons – Give it All

As a blog we get sent a lot of music, and a lot of it is great but the sheer nature of how we pick the music for that days blog makes it very difficult to include it. Essentially if it doesn't make it onto our MP3 players we can't really blog about it.

So it's nice for me to be able to blog something i have been sent and instantly made my ears prick up.

Regular readers will know i'm a big fan of slow mo house, be it the nu-disco, deep tech or silky smooth deep kind, and this is exactly why i like this track. It's a lovely little slow mo burner that, is heavy on the percussions and drums, but has butt wiggling funk based groove running through it. It really takes of with the soulful vocal chant that counterpoints the beat perfectly.

It's the kind of track i'd use to really lock a crowd into the groove, move them away from the spangly slow-mo and into deeper darker tribal territories.

I don't really know much about Jukeson, other than what's on his facebook and soundcloud page – which is pretty much he's from America, but the music more than speaks for itself. Even nicer is the track is available as a free download from his soundcloud page and i suggest you check some of his other work out whilst you are there, there are dancefloor friendly tracks, but there are also some incredible off kilter wonk laced deep dance music.

It's not all as easy a listen as "Give it All" but that's no bad thing, enjoy


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