10 Jul

Michael Jackson – Rock with You (The Reflex Revision)

Well it's definitely summer. Balmy Weather all week, still light at 11pm and Hay Fever ruining it all for me…..

Ah well! I'll just have to cheer myself up with this stomping re-edit by The Reflex:

Michael Jackson – Rock with you (The Reflex ReVision)

Now in a world where everyone with a copy of Ableton Live is knocking out a mediocre 12 bar looped intro re-edit of every classic going, it takes a really amazing talent to jump out, and there are some there. The Get Down Edit Guys, The Revenge, Rayko, LTJ Xperience, Late Night Tuff Guy, it's not a short list but there is definitely more negatives in the column of late.

However over the last year or so one of the names that's really jumped out from the pack is The Reflex, and his series of "Revisions".

The things that's really special about The Reflex is the fact he takes the studio masters of tracks we all know, splits them into stems and re-edits and reworks the track from scratch. Completely re-mixing the track using nothing but the original studio sessions, and the results are utterly stunning.

He's tackled some humdingers as well, "Marvin Gaye – What's Going On" and his reworks of "The Clash – Rock The Casbah" and "Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime" being particular favourites of mine, hearing everything isolated and built back up really brings home how good these tracks were, and whilst some people say classics don't need to be touched it's done in such a loving and appreciative way that i garuntee you won't even think of it as a remix/re-edit.. it's also great that he doesn't limit himself to one genre in the way a lot of re-editers have done – jumping from New Wave to Disco to Motown Soul and the post-punk of The Jam.

Anyway, this week he dropped a new rework the mighty mighty Rock with You by Michael Jackson. Blasphemy i hear a lot of people say, but again, just listen to it. The isolated strings, the isolated rhodes and vibes… it soars from the very first moment till the last. Honestly if someone told me this was a long lost version from the studio sessions I wouldn't question it, it's that perfect, it's stripped right back and introduces everything at just the right pace. the production is first class and the mix is so well balanced…..ah, it's just perfect, perfect.

Best of all it's up as a free download, so i suggest you grab it now!

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