14 May

Metro Area – Caught Up





Back in 2001 I picked up a fantastic disco tinged Deep House track purely by chance. Having fallen in love with it I proudly, and stupidly, played it to my friend Peter who upon one listen also fell in love with it. Figuring I'd be able to buy another copy the next day I let him keep the 12" only to get to the shop and find it was sold out. I waited almost a full two years to then pick up the Album so I could get the track again. This was 2001 and the 12" was Metro Area 3 and the track was "Caught Up"

It was a rare find for me at the time as I’d drifted away from buying Deep House over the preceding 4-5 years and I was predominantly listening to and spinning hip hop, rare groove and soul. At the time I was working in London and, like most music people, in my lunch hour I would mooch around the record shops of Soho looking for a bargain. Mr Bongo, Sister Ray, M&V Exchange, Reckless Records sometimes even HMV and Virgin on Oxford Street and purely by chance I happened to walked into a now closed shop on Berwick Street Market. A shop I'd never really paid attention to, and a shop I can't even remember the name of, looking for classic era hip hop, heard this track and walked out with a bag full of Deep House and a resurgent love of the Genre.

I can totally understand why this track might not be for everyone, although I am still to meet someone who doesn't think it's the Bees Knees, as it takes a very long time to get going. The track starts out very vanilla in approach, with a typical house beat, programmed percussion and disco effects gradually layering in as the intro chugs along. It almost seems to be going nowhere when the bass line and Synth hook kick in and switch the track from being routine to inspirational in less than a bar.

From there it just soars, grooving along with Kelly Polars strings bringing an immense sense of emotion to the proceedings.

The track appears on the Album, Metro Area – Metro Area, and is the last track but the whole album is very good and a must have for anyone into dance music. Geist and Jesrani nail the disco/house feel of early Chicago and New York clubs and expand on it using analogue gear and bringing in key players from the scene to add instrumentation and vocals. It's pure unadulterated sleazy house, and it's no surprise it was voted second best album in the 2000-2010 decade by Resident Advisor.

Amazing stuff, enjoy.


Playlist Monday 14th May 2012

No journey today, so I'm just going to pick a great song by a great band, Metro Area – Caught Up.

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