31 Jul

Method Man – Bring The Pain

It’s my last day for a week or so as i’m off on holiday with the family from tomorrow, so I’m gonna take a freebie and sign off with an absolute nutmeg of a classic and one of my favourite ever Hip Hop Tracks Method Man – Bring the Pain.

Now as big a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan as I was I always liked Method Mans solo stuff more than any other MC from the crew. Maybe it’s in the delivery of his flow, or the smoked out voice but it just always sat well with me, and Bring the Pain was probably his defining moment.

That’s a bold claim I guess, this is after all an MC who brought us, uhm, Method Man, Release yo Delf, You’re all I need to get By – having said that he did record with Texas so if ever there was proof no one was perfect, that’s it.

But yeah, “Bring the Pain”, what a track. A perfect blend of RZA’s production and Methods flow. The track is built around a couple of slowed down samples from Jerry Butlers – Mechanical Man and the production is as minimal as you would expect from RZA but it works and Methods braggadocious lyrics, full of reference points, are relentless in flow making the track a pretty chilled out hype machine.

It’s almost like listening to a pass the mic session except with one MC.

Still it’s great, and yeah, I know it’s a track that’s been blogged to death, but frankly it’s been a shitty week and I needed a treat, plus it’s got one the best “hip hop” videos ever.

Enjoy, I did.

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