30 Mar

The Meters – It Ain’t No Use

It's not been a very productive few days, and music hasn't been top  of my to do list, but I grabbed my Nexus this morning and decided it was a day perfect for listening to some funk.


In all honesty we don't really delve into classic funk any where near often enough, but both of us are big fans of groups like the HeadHunters, The JB's, BT Express, Rare Earth, Cameo and today’s choice The Meters.


Anyway, I decided to go for “It ain't no use” because it encapsulates everything I loved about The Meters. The first is they can write phenomenally catchy songs, and then their absolutely amazing ability to wander off into a ridiculously tight and lengthy bluesy instrumental work out.


Taken from the 1974 album Rejuvenation, that also delivered the far more well known “Just kissed my Baby”,  It ain't no use is a 4 minute song crammed into an 11 minute jam session, a wonderfully beautiful love song at that. It also never ceases to amaze me how much catchier the main verse is compared to the chorus. The track runs along at a frenetic pace for the first 4 minutes until it breaks out into the Piano led 7 minute jam that breaks down the component parts of the main song and just uses them as building blocks they can use to vibe off each.


Absolutely wonderful, and because of that I'll leave you here to Listen (i mean dance) to it.


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