11 Dec

Merry Clayton – Southern Man (Scrimshire Edit)

I do love a cheeky cover version, especially when someone takes a version of a classic and absolutely owns it, as is the case with this awesome Merry Clayton version of the Neil Young favourite Southern Man.


The story behind Southern Man should be well known, briefly it's a commentary on the racism of the US’s Southern States. As Neil young tracks go it's pretty darn funky, but the Merry Clayton version turns the dial all the way up to 11, and her gospel vocal sits well with the lyrical content and styling.


This version is actually a re-edit by London DJ Scrimshire, who's sped it up slightly, chopped it around a little and beefed upt he drums a little.The pitched up speed brings a ton of energy, especially in the piano solos and Claytons vocal doesn't suffer from the pitching, and overall it works so well that if you didn't know the original you'd never know it had been re-edited. 


It was originally out as a 7" only 45 on a white label arm of one of my favourite labels out there WahWah45s, back in summer of 2012 i think, but they dropped the download for free on their Bandcamp just the other day, along with a bunch of other odd's and sods style reworks (check the chopped and screwed Dolly Parton) – so hence the post now.


It's a sure fire dance floor destroyer and if you like soulful funk then i'm sure you'll agree it's awesome, so grab it while you can.



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