25 Feb

Men I Trust – Break For Lovers Ft. Helena

Something both of us on the blog are deeply in love with is melancholic music. The more (happy) sad a piece of music is the bigger a pair suckers for it you could not find. The sadder the better really.


Which leads me to my choice for today, Men I Trust's "Break for Lovers" feat Helena.


It's quite hard to put my finger on why I like it so much, in some ways it reminds me of Sebastien Tellier's – Look, it certainly uses a very similar chord progression, but in reality it reminds me more of artists like Annie, Phoneix and Frou Frou. But hey, the track either stands up or it doesn't and in my opinion it really does.


The beat is light, with a lovely loungey little swing on it, lending the track a very lazy feel, which is emphasised by the detuned synth chords and bubbling bass line – and that's about it. oh Except for the vocal from Helena, it's just gentle, sad and melodic in all the right ways – as i mentioned before the track very much reminds me of Annie, and Phoenix in the way it portrays an inner sadness that somehow makes you smile, and it certainly carries the track with it's counter melody. It kind of sounds, uhm, French in that french pop way – Sterolab (yes i know they aren't exactly French), Phoneix (again) and so on… I guess that's not that unusual considering Men I trust are in fact Canadian (sorry if have I just stereotyped them?)


Anyway, enough babbling it's a lovely track, and is available as pay what you want on bandcamp:



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