14 Mar

Melba Moore – Mind Up Tonight

It's the end of a long and stressful weekend, so when i slithered onto the train for my daily trip into hazey aired Paris I decided that the sun should gleam the whole way, and i switched on an 80's soul and boogie playlist that got the weekend stared a whole 8 hours early. In honesty i could have selected any number of tracks but after waltzing through tracks by Chaka Khan, Gwen McRae and a ton of others I opted for the irresistible two step shuffling of:

Melba Moore – Mind up Tonight.

Not gonna lie, i love this song, mainly just because i can sit and listen to that opening over and over again…the bassline is huge, the guitar about as good as you'll get outside of Chic and the Piano just squares it all away perfectly. It's an absolute gem and that's before you've even got to Miss Moores fantastic vocals.

Written by Lilo Thomas it featured on her 1982 album "Other side of the Rainbow". Thomas if you don't know was essentially a session musician who broke into production for artists like Evelyn King, George Benson and Kashif. Even crazier he was an Olympic qualified sprinter. Through out the 80's he was much in demand, even touring with Eddie Murphy (yes THAT Eddie Murphy) but i think this is his finest moment.

Anyway, it's a belter of a track, and eased me into the final working day with a shuffle in my feet that stayed with me all the way through the day.

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