17 Jan

McCarthy & Rasoul – Excursion 1

It's hard to keep track of genres in this say and age, everything seems to be split into multiple variations on a theme, and without wanting to sound like a fuddy duddy it was a lot easier when i was younger. You had house, deep house and that was about it. The deeper side of house has long been where my interest lay and along with Hip Hop was always my preferred listening.

So it was nice when this morning feeling rather poor i stumbled across today’s choice from back in 1996:

McCarthy & Rasoul – Excursion 1 

I honestly don't know that much about either artist, either Rasoul or McCarthy, this track is pretty much it, but it's a gem and one i often go back to.

It's long, about 12 minutes and about as deep as it goes, minimal drums and analog bass. Synth stabs, and filtered and heavily delayed effects and stabs… i guess in this day and age it would sit on the Techier side of Deep house, but even so it's a lovely track, so i thought i'd cover it.

The thing i like is it hasn't dated at all, it could happily sit in a modern house set and be a killer track.


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