10 Sep

MC Cormac – Yes I Will [prod. Zack Young]

I know things have been a bit sporadic of late, but as mentioned elsewhere we've both been on extended breaks for family, holidays and work. We took a decision a while ago to stop posting every day and concentrate on just posting when we really wanted to share something – so for me, today is the day and i'm sharing a quality piece of hip hop from MC Cormac.


Hip Hop is such a debatable music genre. It's mutated into so many different forms or styles that one person's Hip Hop is another person's grime. For me Hip Hop is defined by flow, flow to the beats and flow to the MC and personally, that tends to leave me connecting with more traditional sounding Hip Hop. I don't want to call it old school, or golden era because it's just Hip Hop.


"Yes I will" ticks all the boxes for me. First up the beat produced by Zack Young, funky soulful and sample-tastic, cleverly produced the vocal sample counterpoints Cormacs delivery perfectly, which leads me onto Cormacs rapping.


In many ways Cormac reminds me of Evidence from Dialted  Peoples (the husky voice wise) but his flow is on point and lyrically it's cleverly put together, nice punchlines and constantly switching his flow across the course of the track, sometimes double-timing it, sometimes crossing the bar and it's the complexity of the rhythm schemes that really add to the smoothness of the track, it connects the whole track together. 


It's a great piece of hip hop and well worth tracking down, it's also got a great video (below).


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